Rotary Vacuum - Drum Filter Washing Application


Fine Spray Hydraulic Atomizing Spray Nozzles, LNN

Nozzles, LN Nozzles, Single Fluid, Rotary Vacuum, Drum

Filter washing application, 220.004 Type Nozzles






Single fluid, fine spray hydraulic atomizing spray nozzles are used for salt washing process of yeast manufacturing. Very fine droplets (fog like) generated in hollow cone form. Thanks to its gentle pattern which does not disturb accumulated product at drum surface.


Can be effectively used for similar applications at starch manufacturing process. (Rotary vacuum drum washing systems).

Different sizes and angles are available for your special needs.


Order code: DuraKit – Z LNN14 1/4.SS316  Atomizing Spray Nozzle 


Angle Apprx. 90º
Material 316SS
Connection Size BSPT1/4 Male

Generated hollow cone diameter

 27cm   @    15cm distance

 42cm   @    30cm distance

 80cm   @    50cm distance

Liquid pressure 10 BAR 15 BAR 20 BAR 30 BAR 40 BAR 50 BAR 70 BAR Relative orifice size
Flow 1.68 Liters/minute 2.06 Liters/minute 2.38 Liters/minute 2.92 Liters/minute

3.34   Liters/minute

3.75 Liters/minute 4.41 Liters/minute Ø1.9mm